Papers and Articles

Publications, articles, presentations and performances

Burrell, R.W.B. (2012).  A Process of Becoming: A Musical Enquiry into Process-Relational Philosophy Through Autoethnographical and Zoomusicological Means.

Becoming, Collaboration and other Alchemy: A descriptive study of a creative work that uses process-relational philosophy to illustrate how music creation can be viewed as research.  Malaysian Music Journal,  2 (1),  30-45 ISSN 2232-1020.

Taking the Chance: A descriptive study of a creative work that utilizes chance and indeterminacy whilst maintaining form.  Malaysian Music Journal.  2 (2), 58-73 ISSN 2232-1020.

Development and Evaluation of a Beginner Violin Method Book that utilizes Malaysian Folksongs. [Presentation].  2nd MusPa Research Colloquium, UPSI Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, 9 November 2013.

Birds of a Feather : A major recital performance presentation of research into music composition using avian sources. [Concert]  FMSP, UPSI, Malaysia. 30th April, 2014.

Music Composition and Zoomusicology: Creating New Music with Birdsong.  [Paper and presentation].  ‘Talk, Play, Think’ Series of academic lectures at the UPSI Music Faculty. 25 June 2014.

Becoming, Inter-species-consciousness-transfer. [live performance with electro-acoustics and music composition].  Presented at Ecomusicologies 2013 Conference, the 5th International Music Council World Forum on Music, Brisbane, November 2013.

In the Presence. [paper and performance].  John Cage 101 International Conference.  UPSI, Malaysia, 21-23 August 2013.

 In the Corridors of Becoming [indeterminacy performance work].  John Cage 101 International Conference. UPSI, Malaysia, 21-23 August 2013.

 Music Composition and Zoomusicology: Creating New Music with Birdsong.  [Guest lecture.]  The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Research Workshop, Faculty of Music. 24 July 2013.

Taman Malim: The eclectic process of composing new music for flute with extended technique, electronics and birdsong, supported by process-relational philosophy.  [Performance].  Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) ‘Composium’ 2013: Eclecticism and the Compositional Voice: Pathways for the New Millennium. 26 September 2013.

School-based Assessment: A personal experience in Queensland, Australia.  [Guest lecture].   The Bahagian Pembangunn Akademik dan kualiti, . Sultan Azlan Shah Campus, Proton City.  8 March 2013.

Theme and Variations: Larger works from small thematic ideas.  [Paper and presentation].   ‘Talk, Play, Think’ Series of academic lectures at the UPSI Music Faculty. 18 September 2012.

 Zoomusicology.  [Live Performance and DAW].  CreateWorld 2011 Conference.  28 – 30 Nov. Griffith University, Brisbane.   ISBN: 978-0-947209-38-4.

 Book Publications

Burrell, R.W.B., Musaeva, M., and Austustine, C.  (2014)   Riang Ria Biola. Malaysian Folk Tunes for Violin.  UPSI, Malaysia.

A repertoire book for violin education with accompanying CD and lift-out part booklet. Published in Malaysia by UPSI, 2014.   It is co-authored with Mayya Musaeva and Dr Christine Augustine who were part of the research team that I lead.

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Patricia Adams Farmer writes about Robert’s music, Birdsong in E-Flat Major: The Process-Relational Music of Robert Burrell.