Papers and Articles

Publications, articles, presentations and performances

Burrell, R.W.B. (2012).  A Process of Becoming: A Musical Enquiry into Process-Relational Philosophy Through Autoethnographical and Zoomusicological Means.

Becoming, Collaboration and other Alchemy: A descriptive study of a creative work that uses process-relational philosophy to illustrate how music creation can be viewed as research.  Malaysian Music Journal,  2 (1),  30-45 ISSN 2232-1020.

Taking the Chance: A descriptive study of a creative work that utilizes chance and indeterminacy whilst maintaining form.  Malaysian Music Journal.  2 (2), 58-73 ISSN 2232-1020.

Development and Evaluation of a Beginner Violin Method Book that utilizes Malaysian Folksongs. [Presentation].  2nd MusPa Research Colloquium, UPSI Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, 9 November 2013.

Birds of a Feather : A major recital performance presentation of research into music composition using avian sources. [Concert]  FMSP, UPSI, Malaysia. 30th April, 2014.

Music Composition and Zoomusicology: Creating New Music with Birdsong.  [Paper and presentation].  ‘Talk, Play, Think’ Series of academic lectures at the UPSI Music Faculty. 25 June 2014.

Becoming, Inter-species-consciousness-transfer. [live performance with electro-acoustics and music composition].  Presented at Ecomusicologies 2013 Conference, the 5th International Music Council World Forum on Music, Brisbane, November 2013.

In the Presence. [paper and performance].  John Cage 101 International Conference.  UPSI, Malaysia, 21-23 August 2013.

 In the Corridors of Becoming [indeterminacy performance work].  John Cage 101 International Conference. UPSI, Malaysia, 21-23 August 2013.

 Music Composition and Zoomusicology: Creating New Music with Birdsong.  [Guest lecture.]  The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Research Workshop, Faculty of Music. 24 July 2013.

Taman Malim: The eclectic process of composing new music for flute with extended technique, electronics and birdsong, supported by process-relational philosophy.  [Performance].  Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) ‘Composium’ 2013: Eclecticism and the Compositional Voice: Pathways for the New Millennium. 26 September 2013.

School-based Assessment: A personal experience in Queensland, Australia.  [Guest lecture].   The Bahagian Pembangunn Akademik dan kualiti, . Sultan Azlan Shah Campus, Proton City.  8 March 2013.

Theme and Variations: Larger works from small thematic ideas.  [Paper and presentation].   ‘Talk, Play, Think’ Series of academic lectures at the UPSI Music Faculty. 18 September 2012.

 Zoomusicology.  [Live Performance and DAW].  CreateWorld 2011 Conference.  28 – 30 Nov. Griffith University, Brisbane.   ISBN: 978-0-947209-38-4.

 Book Publications

Burrell, R.W.B., Musaeva, M., and Austustine, C.  (2014)   Riang Ria Biola. Malaysian Folk Tunes for Violin.  UPSI, Malaysia.

A method book for violin education with accompanying CD and lift-out part booklet. Published in Malaysia by UPSI, 2014. This is a first printing, used as part of the research into the development of the book. The book is in the process of commercialization and is expected to be released in 2015.   It is co-authored with Mayya Musaeva and Dr Christine Augustine who were part of the research team that I lead.

Currently in process of editing

Burrell, R.W.B (proposed 2015?) Orchestration. A student’s guide to the fundamentals of orchestration. To be published by UPSI. Malaysia  in 2015.

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Patricia Adams Farmer writes about Robert’s music, in Farmer, Patricia Adams (2014) Birdsong in E-Flat Major: The Process-Relational Music of Robert Burrell.